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2 Blue class news

kids in sandpit

This term has been a very busy one for 2 Blue! 2 Blue had the opportunity to create a story on the app Scratch Junior and write a narrative to match it. They had so much fun designing and being creative to make an interesting story and sharing it with everyone.

2 Blue has also been focusing on addition and subtraction in maths. They have had fun looking through Woolworths, Coles and Aldi catalogue picking out different items and finding the total. 2 Blue have also focused on mass and capacity completing challenging activities to find the weight and space inside different objects around the classroom.

2 Blue were lucky enough to take part in a golf program this term. They practiced their hitting skills and mathematics at the same time as every hit was worth a certain amount of points. In the end 2 Blue had the highest score out of Stage One scoring 15000 points!