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2 Green have been working hard and having some fun with their learning this term.

They’ve learnt a little bit more about ‘data and probability’ with a Smartie activity.  Students graphed the number and colour of Smarties contained within a share pack and were amazed at such a variety of colours, and the actual amount of Smarties in each packet.  Did you know that some packets only have 10 Smarties, while others have 14? Of course, they had to eat the data afterwards!

In writing lessons, 2 Green researched everything they could find out about cicadas.  Our audience is 1 Green, and the purpose of our writing is to inform them about cicadas, which they will do shortly. They have been quite intrigued with learning about these insects and were grossed out to find that people in some countries cook and eat cicadas! Their art works look fantastic and have been a lot of messy fun.

In Mathematics, they have been working very hard on understanding the number system to 999.  They have worked with counters, MAB blocks, Cubefix and even people to make their counting more efficient. They’ve added, subtracted, grouped and shared all sorts of things to assist them to understand Mathematics.

2 Green have thoroughly enjoyed the sporting opportunities provided to them through the Sport in Schools funding. They’ve had an introduction to golf which provided some very good hand eye co-ordination practise for everyone. They are currently participating in a basketball program with coaches from Basketball Wildfire in Camden providing them with drills to teach and improve their skills. 

And who can forget book week.  What a lot of fun activities 2 Green were able to participate in throughout the week.  Most exciting was the book parade, and, in my opinion, theywere the best dressed class! Hopefully all the fantastic books at your house are getting read over and over again.

With many more fun and exciting learning activities happening, they will be busy and exhausted all the way until the end of the year!